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Job satisfaction drives productivity
Job satisfaction drives productivity A new survey has found that job satisfaction is more important than previously thought.Researchers followed 75 workers at an Australian healthcare organisation for two years, measuring their levels of job satisfaction levels and proactivity. Those with high job satisfaction were still proactive two years later, while those with low levels of satisfaction were only proactive on a short-term basis.“Proactivity is important for innovation and implementing organisational change,” said co-author Dr Karoline Strauss, who is part of the Organisation & Human Resources Management Group at ...
US, UK and Canada lead job talent search
US, UK and Canada lead job talent search The US, UK and Canada lead the job market for global talent according to new research.A study by The Indeed Hiring Lab discovered that 50.2 per cent of searches from international job seekers were for positions in the US, with Canada and the UK following behind.Interestingly the US received searches from all other countries studied, while the majority of searches to the UK stemmed from Asian and European countries. Indeed’s research also found that of the four emerging BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), only India is effectively attracting talent from around the world, ...
Professional CSR body launches in UK
Professional CSR body launches in UK A professional body for those working in CSR and sustainability has launched in London.The Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS) is the first such body in the UK. It was set up by not for profit organisation the Corporate Responsibility Group (CRG).The ICRS was created to help CSR professionals ‘be brilliant at all stages of their careers’, the new organisation said. It will define industry standards and a code of conduct, and will work with Ashridge Business School to build learning and development opportunities.The UK has some 4,000 CSR and sustainability ...
UK students need better preparation for life after school
UK students need better preparation for life after school A survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and publisher Pearson has found that 61 per cent of companies approached are concerned about the resilience and self-management of school leavers.A third of those cited in the survey, ‘Gateway to Growth’, said that they were concerned with school leavers’ attitude to work. The majority of companies surveyed (85 per cent) want primary schools to focus on developing literacy and numeracy.More than half (52 per cent) want schools to develop a greater awareness of working life among 14-19 year olds, supported by businesses. Two-thirds ...

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Unlocking intrapreneurial talent
Unlocking intrapreneurial talent Disruptive innovation may be a rapidly evolving business trend, however properly harnessing it, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, is still proving challenging. Yet igniting innovation such that it leads to the creation of cost-effective, tangible improvements in healthcare is the obvious way forward. Morphing the current organisation structures into new forms that nurture collaboration, discovery, experimentation and development – and result in new business models - can and do lead to explosive new growth opportunities.What we are currently witnessing are global pharmaceutical ...
So you want to be a medical writer?
So you want to be a medical writer? If you are thinking about a career change and want to get started in medical writing, read on to find out how to become a medical writer.To start with, a medical writer needs to understand medical concepts and ideas, keep an eye on regulatory and research related information, have a keen interest in the development of pharmaceutical products, working knowledge of the healthcare/ pharmaceutical industry (via such websites as and above all have impeccable writing skills.It goes without saying that a genuine, demonstrable understanding and interest in the industry is essential. ...
Lessons learned from mentoring
Lessons learned from mentoring Many companies have mentoring schemes in place and, if used to their best advantage they can be a 'win-win' for both the mentee and mentor - not to mention the company itself.But mentoring has to be about more than just helping a less experienced colleague or a role you take on because it is expected of you. You have to want to do it and recognise that at the heart of the process is a means for you to give back some of your knowledge and help someone avoid the pitfalls and the mistakes you've learned the hard way. In my experience the relation between mentor and mentee has to be based ...
Senior execs are going dark on social media
Senior execs are going dark on social media Today's social media reaches out into every corner of the globe, and increasingly into every corner of our professional and social lives. While many argue that this makes everyone constantly connected to an online community, the hype surrounding this social media trend may not be so popular with senior professionals anymore.Executives have always relied on personal, privileged networks where access is granted with an understanding that it will not be misused. However, now overburdened with information from social platforms, executives are now moving back to an 'ex-directory’ world where ...
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