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Publicis Healthcare named “Best Place To Work” for LGBT equality
Publicis Healthcare named “Best Place To Work” for LGBT equality Publicis Healthcare Communications Group (PHCG) has been recognised as a “Best Place To Work” by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2015 Corporate Equality Index (CEI).The Index, which ranked PHCG as a perfect 100, is a national benchmark tool for business policies and practices relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.Companies were ranked against five criteria; equal employment opportunity policy, employment benefits, organisational LGBT competency, public commitment and responsible citizenship. Each section is points weighted, totalling the 100 points that are ...
Women in the boardroom
Women in the boardroom Women’s representation at the higher echelons of corporate decision-making has long been an issue across all sectors of the EU. For life sciences in the UK, there are signs of real improvement, but for meaningful change the industry needs to shed its reliance on personal networking and cast the net wide.In November 2013, the European Parliament voted with a decisive majority to back the European Commission’s (EC) proposed law. This law was designed to shatter the glass ceiling that continues to bar female talent from the highest levels of corporate influence.While the proposal still needs to ...
Volunteering makes business leaders happier, says survey
Volunteering makes business leaders happier, says survey A new survey has found that 89% of business leaders who engage with charities claim it makes them happier and improves their business skills.Pilotlight, a not-for-profit organisation that connects businesses and charities, conducted the survey of over 130 business members across England and Scotland and found that 98% of business leaders have a greater appreciation of the work of charities and social enterprises.84% of senior executives got involved with charities to ‘give something back’ and nearly two-thirds (62%) found it increased their own job satisfaction.The survey’s findings were ...
Fund to encourage women to follow science career
Fund to encourage women to follow science career The UK’s Cogent Group – a strategic skills body for the science industries – has launched a fund to encourage women to take up a science career.There will be a £1,000 incentive for any employers who help to increase the number of females working in the STEM [science, technology, engineering, and mathematics] industries.The funding comes from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and is intended to tackle the gender imbalance in the STEM industries; there are currently six times more men than women working in the science industries and only 10% of STEM managers are ...

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PR Associate Director – Consumer Health & Wellbeing Healthcare PR Jobs 60000 - 68000 pa
PR Account Manager – Healthcare/Medical Devices Healthcare PR Jobs 33000 - 38000 pa
Account Manager – Healthcare PR – London Healthcare PR Jobs 30000 - 38000 pa
Events Manager – Medical Communications Agency Medical Communications Jobs 28000 - 36000 pa
Snr AM – Med Comms/Healthcare promotional experience Medical Communications Jobs 35000 - 42000 pa
Medical Writer Medical Communications Jobs, Medical Education Jobs, Medical Writing Jobs Excellent salary and package
Editorial Manager Medical Communications Jobs, Medical Education Jobs, Medical Writing Jobs Excellent salary and package
Strategic Planner Medical Communications Jobs, Healthcare Consultancy Jobs, Market Access Jobs, Medical Education Jobs, Healthcare PR Jobs Excellent salary and package

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Developing an innovation culture
Developing an innovation culture The pharmaceutical sector is one of the few industries still operating on a business model that largely dates back more than 60 years, something which is becoming increasingly less viable as we settle into the rapid-paced digital era.Many senior executives claim that given the sector they operate in and the unique complexities they face, changing to a different modus operandi is not a straight-forward proposition. That may be so, but like many other industries – from automotive, telecommunications to IT - pharma is being forced to reinvent itself.I’m reminded of Spencer Johnson’s best-selling ...
Unlocking intrapreneurial talent
Unlocking intrapreneurial talent Disruptive innovation may be a rapidly evolving business trend, however properly harnessing it, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, is still proving challenging. Yet igniting innovation such that it leads to the creation of cost-effective, tangible improvements in healthcare is the obvious way forward. Morphing the current organisation structures into new forms that nurture collaboration, discovery, experimentation and development – and result in new business models - can and do lead to explosive new growth opportunities.What we are currently witnessing are global pharmaceutical ...
So you want to be a medical writer?
So you want to be a medical writer? If you are thinking about a career change and want to get started in medical writing, read on to find out how to become a medical writer.To start with, a medical writer needs to understand medical concepts and ideas, keep an eye on regulatory and research related information, have a keen interest in the development of pharmaceutical products, working knowledge of the healthcare/ pharmaceutical industry (via such websites as and above all have impeccable writing skills.It goes without saying that a genuine, demonstrable understanding and interest in the industry is essential. ...
Lessons learned from mentoring
Lessons learned from mentoring Many companies have mentoring schemes in place and, if used to their best advantage they can be a 'win-win' for both the mentee and mentor - not to mention the company itself.But mentoring has to be about more than just helping a less experienced colleague or a role you take on because it is expected of you. You have to want to do it and recognise that at the heart of the process is a means for you to give back some of your knowledge and help someone avoid the pitfalls and the mistakes you've learned the hard way. In my experience the relation between mentor and mentee has to be based ...
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