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Lilly and Alexion boost pharma jobs in Ireland
Lilly and Alexion boost pharma jobs in Ireland Two pharma firms are to create up to 300 new jobs in Ireland led by Alexion, which plans to take on 200 workers at its new global supply headquarters in Dublin.Connecticut-headquartered Alexion has invested €75m in its new development at College Park in Dublin’s Blanchardstown district, which it has planning permission for a 15,000 square metre laboratory, office, packaging and warehouse facility.The development at the 41-acre greenfield site is due to open in 2017 and Alexion said it plans to fill a number of roles in areas such as supply chain, quality control, warehousing and support by ...
Boost for science jobs in Cambridge
Boost for science jobs in Cambridge The deal, announced by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg (pictured above), will support high tech firms and research facilities, as well as boosting links between the universities and science and business parks.The first stage of the project will see the government invest £100 million in local infrastructure over five years. If this stage, known as ‘Gain Share’, succeeds in driving growth, the government will invest up to half a billion pounds more. “This deal will improve roads and rail links to encourage more investment to the area and build more homes for families across the region. It ...
Internal hires neglected
Internal hires neglected According to research published by executive search firm Egon Zehnder, managers assume that internal recruits need less help integrating than new executives brought in from outside.Egon Zehnder looked at the biggest challenges faced by recently hired executives, and found that 40 per cent of participating companies failed to provide formal integration support for internal candidates, despite 84 per cent recognising the economic benefits of doing so. Also 200 delegates at a series of events in Europe and the US spoke to Egon Zehnder in late 2013 and earlier this year. They agree that ...
Healthcare professionals among most satisfied in their job
Healthcare professionals among most satisfied in their job Members of the clergy are the happiest in their roles, according to the research, with a mean salary of £20,568 and a satisfaction rating of 8.291. Publicans took last (274th) place, with £25,222 and 6.38.Those in the health, pharmaceutical and communications sectors were reasonably well distributed across the rankings, including several near the very top.There were a few surprises, however, and signs that, as in the overall findings, salary is not the only contributory factor where job satisfaction in these sectors is concerned.The highest ranking healthcare role was that of healthcare ...

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Senior Product Manager ( and CVTL Lead) Pharmaceutical Marketing Jobs On application
Senior Account Manager - PR Medical Communications Jobs, Healthcare PR Jobs 45000 pa
Digital Project Manager- £48k - Berkshire Medical Communications Jobs, Medical Education Jobs 40000 - 48000 pa
Snr Client Engagement Specialist- Medical Education Medical Communications Jobs, Medical Education Jobs, Medical Sales Jobs 40000 - 47000 pa
Client Engagement Specialist- Medical Ed/ Brand ... Medical Communications Jobs, Pharmaceutical Marketing Jobs, Medical Education Jobs, Medical Sales Jobs 20000 - 25000 pa
Head of Healthcare – MedComms Medical Communications Jobs, Healthcare Consultancy Jobs, Medical Education Jobs, Other Competitive
Account Director / Group Account Director and Client ... Healthcare Advertising Jobs, Medical Communications Jobs, Healthcare Consultancy Jobs, Pharmaceutical Marketing Jobs, Other Competitive
Senior Medical Writer, Medical Communications, London, ... Medical Communications Jobs, Medical Education Jobs, Medical Writing Jobs Circa £45K

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Lessons learned from mentoring
Lessons learned from mentoring Many companies have mentoring schemes in place and, if used to their best advantage they can be a 'win-win' for both the mentee and mentor - not to mention the company itself.But mentoring has to be about more than just helping a less experienced colleague or a role you take on because it is expected of you. You have to want to do it and recognise that at the heart of the process is a means for you to give back some of your knowledge and help someone avoid the pitfalls and the mistakes you've learned the hard way. In my experience the relation between mentor and mentee has to be based ...
Senior execs are going dark on social media
Senior execs are going dark on social media Today's social media reaches out into every corner of the globe, and increasingly into every corner of our professional and social lives. While many argue that this makes everyone constantly connected to an online community, the hype surrounding this social media trend may not be so popular with senior professionals anymore.Executives have always relied on personal, privileged networks where access is granted with an understanding that it will not be misused. However, now overburdened with information from social platforms, executives are now moving back to an 'ex-directory’ world where ...
Five moving tips
Five moving tips Changing company is a big decision nowadays for a number of reasons, not least being the ‘last in, first out’ syndrome.Nevertheless, if you simply cannot convince yourself to stay where you are, here are my top five tips for making a good career move which can be the difference between career progression plus financial advancement and your unforeseen unemployment.Tip 1: Don’t believe everything your recruitment consultant tells youAll recruitment consultants get paid to convince you to move company and thereby get their recruitment agency a placement fee when you join a new company. ...
Would like to meet
Would like to meet The ‘war for talent’ has become one of the most enduring clichés of modern business. It’s entirely understandable. Companies are, after all, only as good as their staff – so who can blame them for indulging in a battle royal to entice the most capable professionals to their organisations? Evidence suggests that, sixteen years after McKinsey first coined the term, the ‘war for talent’ is not only still being fought, it’s actually hotting up. Across the board, despite sustained high levels of unemployment, many UK companies are struggling to identify top quality candidates. A 2013 survey by the ...
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