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Transatlantic Investment: How interims are maximising opportunity in the life sciences sector
With only one percent of the world's population, the UK has been at the forefront of scientific and healthcare discovery for more than 350 years and continues to punch above its weight.The future of our economy is dependent on our continued excellence in scientific discovery, along with high-tech manufacturing and engineering, so why is it that UK investors are unwilling to support the innovative young enterprises on their doorstep?There is now a growing appreciation at the highest level that, while historically Brits have been good at coming up with ideas, we have found it difficult when it ...
UCB invests £2m to support UK science students
UCB invests £2m to support UK science students UCB will invest more than £2m over the next four years to assist science students in the UK.The money will go towards supporting around 50 PhD students who will be put on three six-month placements, gaining access to advanced scientific technology that might otherwise not be available to them at university.Around 40% of the Brussels-based company’s R&D now takes place in the UK, primarily at laboratories in Slough where 400 scientists are researching new medicines for diseases affecting the immunological and central nervous systems.Their work covers areas such as the use of antibodies and ...
Biogen named as the best pharma workplace in the UK
Biogen named as the best pharma workplace in the UK Biogen UK has been named as one of the best workplaces in the UK as part of the Great Place to Work annual Best Workplaces list.The awards recognise the top 100 workplaces in the UK, looking at organisations with high levels of trust and engagement within an environment that attracts and retains talent. The ranking also takes an employee survey and an audit into the company’s management and HR practices into consideration.Biogen UK ranked as the highest pharmaceutical company and placed in the medium category - organisations with 50-499 employees – and is the second time they have been ranked ...
Companies needs to adapt to attract millennials, says survey
Companies needs to adapt to attract millennials, says survey The business industry needs to focus on people and purpose over products and profits in order to attract the millennial generation, according to a new survey survey.Deloitte Global surveyed 7,800 graduates born after 1982 who are in full time employment across 29 countries, including the UK, on effective leadership and how business operates and impacts society.Among the UK respondents 71% said they thought businesses have a positive impact on society, but 77% of UK millennials and 75% globally say businesses are focused on their own agenda rather than helping to improve society.Additionally, ...

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10 steps to being a better manager
10 steps to being a better manager Functional leaders promoted to executive positions often find themselves lost at sea – unfamiliar not only with the responsibilities surrounding their new role but unsure of the skills and tools necessary to execute them successfully. The marketing manager promoted to partner; the communications lead moved up to the boardroom; the unit head who suddenly finds himself at the executive table. Individuals in such positions tend to quickly discover that the knowledge and capabilities that allowed them to thrive in their previous job have little bearing on the new one, and that a whole new set of ...
16 Career Coaches Reveal the Worst Careers Advice They’ve Heard
16 Career Coaches Reveal the Worst Careers Advice They’ve Heard We’ve all been on the receiving end of careers advice often from family, loved ones or our peers. Some of it good but a lot of it can be bad or outdated. In order to see how “bad” bad was we asked 16 career coaches to share the worst advice they’ve heard and here’s what they had to say: Abby Kohut - The worst career advice I ever received was to add keywords in a white font on your resume. What the career coach said was that if you add hundreds of keywords in white, you'll come up in more searches. What he failed to realize is that applicant tracking systems and career ...
Closing the gender gap: Q&A with Ffyona Dawber
Closing the gender gap: Q&A with Ffyona Dawber Ffyona Dawber, founder and managing director of Synergy Vision, is one of the leading women in UK healthcare communications. Towards the end of 2014 she received double honours at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. She won gold for ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year - Business Services - 11 to 2,500 Employees’ category and silver for ‘Woman of the Year – Business Services’.How did it feel to be recognised at the Stevie Awards?It was a thrill. But I think, overall, the recognition from clients when we get repeat business and they come back with positive feedback that’s somewhat nicer ...
Interview: The talent deficit
Interview: The talent deficit As the environment for agencies working in healthcare marketing continues to evolve more and more is expected of personnel in all departments.As a specialised industry, however, there can be difficulty in finding the right people for the job. Speaking to PME Max Jackson, CEO, EMEA & APAC at Sudler & Hennessey, discussed the talent deficit faced by the industry.Is there a problem with attracting new talent to agencies and, if so, why is this?Max Jackson: I don’t think we have a problem with attracting new talent, I think the problem is that there isn’t a lot of talent around. But it ...
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